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Geist Woods Estates Homeowners' Associations, Inc.

HOA Board

Emi Kreklau


Emi Pic.jpg

Emi has lived in GWE since 2015.  She works in R&D at Lilly and has 2 teen age children.  She seeks innovative and efficient ways to make improvements to our neighborhood and collaborative approaches to address issues and solve problems.

Monika Dehnert


Monika has lived in Geist Woods Estates for about 3 years.  From the moment she moved into GWE she  loved the neighborhood.  She believes that our HOA is a huge asset in keeping the standards to the levels we are currently at. 





1. Increase Property Values for our Homeowners by:

  • Beautification and Improvement Efforts

  • Creating an Environment that Stimulates Interest in Moving into and Remaining in the Neighborhood


2. Create a Sense of Community by:

  • Digitally Connecting our Homeowners via this Website and other Social Media

  • Personally Connecting our Homeowners through Neighborhood Events

3. Make Geist Woods Estates a Great Place to Call Home!

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